Which Subaru Model Have Subaru Eyesight?

Subaru Eyesight

The EyeSight technology is the answer to increased safety while driving on the road. Subaru is committed to excellent, providing safe, intuitive vehicles for drivers who love the Subaru brand. The different components of the EyeSight technology work together to help drivers avoid a crash, to slow down if they are getting too close to the car in front of them, and to stay within marked lanes. It's an intuitive technology that enhances the driver experience and makes the ride safer.

Cruise Control Like You Want It

When you like to rely on your cruise control, using EyeSight makes cruise control even better. When you are maintaining a set speed, this can sometimes lead to getting too close to the car in front of you. With Eyesight, you will get a warning when you start to get too close to the car in front. You set the distance you want, and a warning sound beeps when you are close. EyeSight will slow down your vehicle while on cruise control to keep you the right distance from the car in front.

Stay in Your Lane Warnings

If you begin to maneuver into the wrong lane, EyeSight will give you a warning informing you to get back into your own lane. The system uses two cameras that are located behind your rearview mirror. The warning sound gives you additional security and safety when you are driving on the road.

Brake Automatically When a Crash is Likely

When your car senses that a crash is possible, you will first hear a warning that you need to hit the brakes on your car. If you are not able to stop or you do not hear the warning noise, the car is going to stop automatically. Automatic braking will make it easier on your car if you get into a crash and you are less likely to get injured. Automatic braking gives you extra support as you navigate on the road. You will drive knowing that you have added security to your vehicle.

Throttle Management to Slow Down if a You Might Crash

An important aspect of EyeSight is the throttle management that occurs. If EyeSight senses that you might crash, the throttle will slow the engine down. This will reduce speed and make a crash less severe. Throttle management makes it easier to stop when there is an emergency, giving you additional support when you press vigorously on your brakes at the same time. Subaru is committed to the safety of all drivers that purchase a Subaru vehicle. With the newly developed EyeSight technology, Subaru has made a huge advancement in driver safety. The driver assisted technology is more advanced than anything Subaru has offered to date. The EyeSight system gives you an extra set of eyes when you are driving down the road, making your entire trip safer. Avoid swerving into oncoming traffic and be alerted in an emergency.

To learn more about the EyeSight technology offered by Subaru, visit our dealership at Van Subaru and meet with one of our sales team. We can talk to you about the various models that include EyeSight, and take you for a test drive so that you can try out the technology. No matter what Subaru you are interested in, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable and safe when driving your new Subaru.

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