How To know It's Time For An Oil Change?

An Oil Change

Your car will only continue to operate and run well if oil changes are performed every few months or when a specific amount of miles have been added to the vehicle. Knowing when to change the oil is crucial to ensure that potential problems are avoided. If you're looking to provide a higher level of care for the car, it's important to know when it's time for an oil change.

Read the Owner's Manual

Each make and model differ on when the oil needs to be changed, depending on the engine that is in place. You'll need to read the owner's manual to determine when it's the best time to replace the oil to keep your vehicle running well on a consistent basis. Following the instructions of the automaker is the best way to care for your engine and increase its longevity.

The Oil Looks Dirty

Changing Oil

Getting a look at your oil will allow you to determine if it needs to be replaced. Make it a point to look under the hood at the oil with the use of the dipstick to determine if it seems gritty, which is a sign that it's no longer useful or effective in lubricating the parts on the engine. You may notice that the oil looks too black and that the consistency has changed and is thicker than normal. You can also check the oil level with the dipstick to determine if it needs to be topped off.

Knocking Noises

A knocking noise that is coming from under the hood is a sign that the parts on the engine are grinding due to a lack of lubrication. Oil that is no longer present will make it difficult for the engine to operate and can lead to extensive repairs that are needed. If you wait too long, the engine may need to be replaced. Take immediate action if you hear unusual noises and have a mechanic inspect the car to determine if it needs an oil change.

You Don't Remember the Last Oil Change

If you can't remember the last time that you changed your oil or had it taken in for service then it's likely time to perform the maintenance. Although you may not want to spend the money, the investment can allow you to avoid thousands of dollars in repairs if you fail to change the oil.

The Check Engine Light Stays Illuminated

There are many different reasons a check engine light may illuminate. In some cases, it can be difficult to diagnose the issue and determine the cause. If you've performed different repair or tune-ups on the engine recently, you can consider changing the oil. Newer vehicles are programmed to track miles to determine when an oil change is needed, which may be the cause of the light.

Smoke is Coming From the Exhaust

Dark smoke that is coming from the exhaust is never a good sign. Your vehicle can begin to have problems once smoke begins to be released from the exhaust and is a sign that the engine is about to fail. Immediately change the oil because the smoke may be a sign that the head gasket and corresponding cylinders are beginning to have issues that develop due to a lack of lubrication.

If you want more information about the top signs to look for when it's time to change your oil, feel free to contact or visit Van Subaru. One of our team members can provide you with more information and will also assist you in browsing our inventory of vehicles.

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