The Peformance On The Subaru Boxer Engine

Most vehicle motors fall into two categories. They use either an inline or a V-style engine. Subaru was never satisfied with the status quo and has used their Boxer engines for over 50 years now. Their design is also sometimes referred to as a horizontally-opposed engine.

Why Use a Horizontally-Opposed Engine?

Like the names suggest, an inline engine features cylinders and pistons in a straight line, while V-engines use a V shape. This engine has disks that face away from each other. They are placed in a 180-degree, symmetrical layout. The advantage of this is that the vibrations of the piston movements cancel each other out, which leads to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

There are a couple more advantages to this type of engine too. Because of their design, they can be balanced in weight on both sides, which means that the motor can be mounted lower and provide an overall lower center of gravity for the vehicle. A lower center of gravity offers improved control and handling. The design also means the size can be kept shorter than an inline engine, which reduces the overall weight of the car, which can lead to better efficiency and performance.

Subaru Boxer Engine Performance

Driving a Subaru with this type of engine means a very quiet and smooth ride regardless of the specific engine model. One thing most owners notice is how stable the car is even when maneuvering around tight curves. The low center of gravity and lack of vibrations do wonders in these areas.

The Subaru Boxer engine comes in a variety of different sizes and configurations. The base engine for many models is a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder. This engine features a combined fuel-economy rating of up to 38 mpg. It produces 152 hp. It's an excellent engine choice for anyone concerned about the cost of filling up. At the same time, it still features excellent acceleration and plenty of power for passing in average traffic.

If you're looking for sportier performance, Subaru has you covered there too. They offer a 3.6 liter, six-cylinder engine that produced up to 256 horses, depending on the vehicle model. Various turbo and diesel engines are available as well. If you need more power and performance in a sports vehicle or more out of your Subaru SUV or crossover, this may be the right choice for you. Regardless of your specific model, all Subaru vehicles provide the benefits of the Boxer style engines.

How Do I Find Out More?

If you want to know more about the Subaru Boxer engine, please feel free to contact Van Subaru. The best way to understand the value of this engine type may be to try it out for yourself. Every Subaru is now equipped with a Boxer engine. Take your favorite Subaru model out for a spin at Van Subaru to experience the difference a Boxer engine makes.

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