Ah, that new car smell! If you're like many drivers who love  that ambient fragrance as well as all the other benefits of driving a new  vehicle, then you'll want to keep reading to learn why leasing might be the  perfect fit for you.

With so many ways to finance a car, it can be difficult to  decide which one is right for you. Leasing offers many benefits that you simply  can't get with traditional car buying. At Van Subaru, we want to help you get  into the car of your dreams, and we think leasing is definitely a great way to go  for many drivers.

More Car for Less

Maybe you've had your eye on a new Subaru Legacy or Impreza, but are unsure if you can afford the monthly  payment? With leasing, you only pay for a portion of the price of a vehicle  which translates into big savings on your monthly car payment. For years, folks  have been choosing to lease over buying because it gives them much more flexibility  in having more money to spend on other things.

New Car Advantages

Driving a brand-new vehicle every couple of years lets you  take full advantage of some of the latest technologies and it gives you peace  of mind in knowing that your vehicle will likely be covered by warranty if  something goes wrong.  

Less Money Down

This is another big benefit of leasing a vehicle. Coming up  with a big down payment can be very difficult for a lot of people so they often  end up having to wait a long time to buy their next new car. With leasing, most  vehicles require only a small amount of money down, making it easier for  drivers to afford. Why sacrifice dinners out and family trips to save for a  vehicle when you don't have to?

Hassle-Free  Repairs

Nobody likes having to worry about whether or not today will  be the day that their vehicle breaks down. This is not a problem with leasing.  All our new Subaru vehicles come backed with manufacturer-issued warranties  that carry over to all our leased cars. Our lease agreements usually last from  2-3 years so they are typically always covered if there's a major mechanical or  part failure.

End-of-Lease Car  Return

Turning in your leased vehicle is easy at Van Subaru. As  long as you stick to your predetermined lease terms, you'll just give us the  car keys and be back on your way. You'll have options too at the end of your  lease. You can either slip into another brand-new  vehicle or buy your current lease, the decision is entirely up to you!

If you'd like to learn more about our leasing program,  please don't hesitate to contact  us. We'll be sure to help you with any inquiries you may have.

If you're looking to lease a vehicle in Kansas City, check out our awesome selection. We carry popular vehicles to lease like the Outback and more! If you're already leasing, check out your lease return options!

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