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Collecting Offers

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We're the home of great people, expansive inventories, and enticing incentives that simply won't let you down when you need us most. Our crew of dedicated finance experts is always here to find ways to get you the deals you want when you need them most. Here's how.

New Subaru Car Incentives in Kansas City

New vehicle specials are an ongoing part of our commitment to customers. We don't believe in throwing up just any old price tag to sell our vehicles. If it's not ahead of the competition, we're not interested. The team here is always moving forward, adding new models to our collection. Please check back frequently to see if there's anything new here that interests you.

It's easy to look through our lineup and learn more about your favorite Subaru vehicles. If it's new and exciting, it's always here! And we have some of the best incentives in the business to give you even more reasons to shop with us. Need flexible financing? We have it. Want a lower interest rate? We can make it happen. How about zero down payment under certain circumstances? That's one of our favorite incentives!

How Do I Take Advantage of a Subaru Incentive?

Buying a Subaru or any other brand should be a fun, seamless process. You should be able to take care of everything all at once, with a knowledgeable sales staff member that understands your needs and wants. In other words, our process is easy, and our team is easy to work with.

From helping you pick out the right vehicle for you and your family, to getting you an accurate quote that you can work with, all the way down to scheduling the test drive and taking you out on the road, our team is here to make everything perfect for you. It's our job. Our customers always have come first, and they always will come first.

Get Specials While They're Here

Our new car specials just don't stick around very long. We have an active customer base who frequently grabs up these deals while they're hot, so it's first-come, first-serve on our incentives. If you find a deal that catches your attention and doesn't want to lose it, the best thing to do is call us today with no hesitation.

Frequently our customers will have questions about a certain model, and that's part of what we do here. We answer your questions and help you feel more confident about your purchase plans. If you see an incentive you want to take advantage of on a model that is just right for you, act fast and contact us today.

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