Subaru Outback Only Model to Earn Top Rating in Latest IIHS Side-Impact Testing  

On a recent test of midsize cars, the 2022 Subaru Outback was the only one to earn the highest rating on the test, which is considered "good."

Subaru Testing

The Outback is the second Subaru testing model to earn this rating and those tested for the new test. The Outback had won this award previously on other tests. The Outback has aced more Top Safety Pick tests than any other model.

The highway safety test recently became more difficult than before. This was to ensure that the testing of safety aspects on the highway was more rigorous than ever. That way, people will get the best possible picture of how well these vehicles perform. That's why Outback performing better than any other is so significant.

Improved Testing

In a previous version of the test, there was a version where a cross test showed two vehicles that cross-hit an intersection. The new version uses a stronger and heavier barrier traveling at high speed that you would see on the highway to simulate the striking vehicle more realistically. The barrier for striking is 4200 pounds, which is 900 pounds heavier than before.

To earn the ratings people want, there are new requirements like having the occupant compartment hold its shape well after the impact. This is a way of ensuring that passengers will survive the test. If the compartment is too warped, then this would mean that the metal roof could be hurting anyone who would theoretically be present in there.

Subaru is proud of its strong rating in the upgraded tougher tests. Those speaking for Outback talk about how the vehicle is dedicated to having both strong safety options that keep everyone on board safe at the same time that it has all of those SUV abilities along with significant options for keeping everyone safe who are on board.

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