Kansas City Anti-Violence Project  

The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, or KCAVP, provides valuable services to the local area. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that aims to end all types of violence. What makes them unique is that they serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities. On top of advocacy and education regarding domestic violence and sexual assault, KCAVP targets hate crimes as well.

KCAVP provides a variety of services. They start with 24-hour advocacy, which allows people to get immediate crisis counseling. Victims of violence can get ahold of someone who can help, regardless of the language they speak. The crisis line utilizes certified interpreters to make sure that everyone can get the help that they need.


Case management and advocacy is another service provided by KCAVP. A case manager can help the survivor get a protection order and advocate for them in the hospital and with law enforcement. Free counseling services are also offered to LGBTQ survivors of violence. These sessions are with a licensed therapist.

For some survivors of violence, the most pressing need is a safe place to stay. KCAVP can provide short-term emergency housing in these situations. They can also help with transportation, food, and other needed items while the survivor gets their sense of self-power restored.

Finally, KCAVP can help with documenting the violence. Unfortunately, the majority of cases of LGBTQ violence are never reported. KCAVP documents the incident, even if the police are not being brought in. This allows them to identify problems in the community and work on appropriate responses to these issues. The team at KCAVP will not report the violence to law enforcement unless they have been asked to.

Learn more about Kansas City Anti-Violence Project at their website.