Subaru Diverts Hard-To-Recycle Waste From Landfills  

Some types of materials are notoriously difficult to recycle, but Subaru of America has found a way to keep more than six million pieces of waste from entering landfills. Using the recycler's Zero Waste Boxes, the manufacturer's partnership with TerraCycle has made a decided difference in how some trash is collected, making it easier to recycle items that the industry calls "recycling offenders." Common use items that are difficult to recycle, despite the advances in the recycling industry are like disposable coffee cups, lids and straws, various types of plastic bags like snack wrappers, and milk and juice cartons.

As part of Subaru Loves the Earth month, the automaker will expand its commitment to improving the environment by allowing the public to bring in recyclables from their homes and place them in the TerraCycle boxes. Our dealership is one of 616 Subaru stores across the United States where the public can bring in their recyclables. The key to recycling these items is better separation.

Besides allowing customers to bring in their recyclables, our Subaru dealership will also place items from our service department, including new car plastics, cabin air filters and similar materials. Once collected, TerraCycle will turn the collected waste into various types of outdoor furniture, sports shoes, rugs and mats, and even recycling separation bins. Recycling collection will continue throughout the year.

If you are interested in placing hard-to-recycle materials in our TerraCycle boxes, we invite you to stop into our showroom to learn more about what kinds of items we accept. Our staff will also be happy to tell you more about Subaru Loves the Earth month, plus the manufacturer's latest effort to make its vehicles kinder to the environment.